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Volume 23: Dec 2006-Issue 12

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Time Scale for Cyclostome Evolution Inferred with a Phylogenetic Diagnosis of Hagfish and Lamprey cDNA Sequences

Shigehiro Kuraku, Shigeru Kuratani
10.2108/zsj.23.1053Zoological Science 23(12):1053-1064. December 2006

An Alternative Heat-Budget Model Relevant to Heat Transfer in Fishes and Its Practical Use for Detecting Their Physiological Thermoregulation

Takashi Kitagawa, Shingo Kimura
10.2108/zsj.23.1065Zoological Science 23(12):1065-1071. December 2006

Within-Male Melanin-Based Plumage and Bill Elaboration in Male House Sparrows

Radovan Václav
10.2108/zsj.23.1073Zoological Science 23(12):1073-1078. December 2006

Changes in Muscle-fiber Properties of the Murine Digastric Muscle Before and After Weaning

Koji Okubo, Shinichi Abe, Akinobu Usami, Hiroko Agematsu, Hiroaki Nakamura, Masatsugu Hashimoto, Yoshinobu Ide
10.2108/zsj.23.1079Zoological Science 23(12):1079-1084. December 2006

Expression of Two Ecdysteroid-Regulated Genes, Broad-Complex and E75, in the Brain and Ovary of the Honeybee (Apis mellifera L.)

Rajib Kumar Paul, Hideaki Takeuchi, Takeo Kubo
10.2108/zsj.23.1085Zoological Science 23(12):1085-1092. December 2006

Perforin-Dependent Cell Death in Skin Allograft Rejection of the Terrestrial Slug Incilaria fruhstorferi

Emiko Furuta, Naomi Seo, Keiichiro Yamaguchi
10.2108/zsj.23.1093Zoological Science 23(12):1093-1100. December 2006

Myriapod Monophyly and Relationships Among Myriapod Classes Based on Nearly Complete 28S and 18S rDNA Sequences

Yong-Hua Gai, Da-Xiang Song, Hong-Ying Sun, Kai-Ya Zhou
10.2108/zsj.23.1101Zoological Science 23(12):1101-1108. December 2006

Evidence of Cross-fertilization in a Gonochoric Population of the Tadpole Shrimp Triops numidicus (Crustacea: Branchiopoda: Notostraca)

Hiroyuki Mitsumoto, Kensuke Yahata
10.2108/zsj.23.1109Zoological Science 23(12):1109-1113. December 2006